Antsje Fan'e Welle Antsje Fan'e Welle Abby and Stella 199618133 Abby at her old home in Virginia Abby at her old home in Virginia 160861973 Abby trotting her way to Star 167190296 171770074 167256788 Isabella fan 'e Welle Abby's first foal Izzy at the TN keuring 160861974 a year of trail riding does wonders for the figure 167256789 171770070 Abby and Maddy at 2012 keuring 171770071 171770073 nothing like a good laugh at the watering hole 171770174 171770175 beauty shot 171770176 Stella Champion Filly Stella is By Doaitsen 420 199618134 199618135 199618336