Foal Naming Table

Foal Name Must Start With
 Year of Foaling
 A,B or C
 D,E or F
 G,H or I
 J,K  or  L
 M,N or O
 P,Q,R or S
 T,U or V
 W,X,Y or Z
Average Scores for  5 Main Characteristics
All Friesians Remain in Foalbook Until Judged as an Adult

 Only Adults are Given the Star Predicate

7.5 or above
 Included with 1st Premium
 Studbook Star
 7.4 to 7
 Included with 2nd Premium
 Studbook Star
 7 to 6.5
 Included with 3rd Premium
 6.4 to 6
 Included with out Premium
 6 or less
 Not Included
 Remains in Foalbook