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Isabella fan 'e Welle

For sale

Isabella Fan'e Welle has grown into a beautiful young lady that look just like her mom Antsje. Izzy also hold to the standards of the friesian breed with her love of water.  Whether its a small puddle after a rain storm or her watering trough or even our pond she in always making a splash.  At Izzy's foal keuring she did very well her score was only half a point way from first prem.  She is by Teade 392 out of stam 45 with a inbreeding coefficient of 3.71%.   At her adult keuring she received a 3rd prem.   Her first foal by Sape was a very nice first prem champion filly and went on to become a star mare Willow Fan'e Welle.   Her third foal Jasper Fan'e Welle followed in his sister hoof steps and was first premium champion colt.    
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