Jasper Is a stunning Colt sire by Hessel 480 out our mare Isabella Fan'e Welle. He received a first premium and was champion colt at his keuring. His gaits are very powerful with lots of suspension at the trot and canter. He has a very nice head and neck. He has a lot of potential to become a great dressage horse. I believe his dam will go preferent based on the high quality of  her offspring. Jasper sales with a $500 cash back incentive paid to his own when he attends a KFPS keuring as an adult.  

     Jasper's dam Isabella is the third premium mare sired by Teade 392 out of  Antsje Fan'e Welle Star. Izzy is 15.2 hands and has a very good work ethic. She enjoys work and is highly trainable.  Izzy's first foal Willow Fan'e Welle was first premium champion filly of the day! Willow went on to become a star mare. 

    Jasper's sire Hessel is sire by Norbert. He is over 17 hand. This is what the Friesian Connection has to say about him "In the performance test Hessel stood out with his impressive way of moving. His trot is absolutely spectacular. He has a high and far reaching front leg, with power from behind. This stallion moves with a lot of body use and is flexible. The walk is spacious and active, in the canter he jumps up beautifully with a lot of balance." I see a lot of Hessel influence in Jasper.