Maddy is a supper sweet filly that loves being around people.  She has a very nice conformation and a small noble head. Her mother, Anjste, is more of the old style friesian with a baroque build and lots of hair. Her father, Anne, has the modern build with more refined legs, and he also has lots of hair.  Maddy is taking after her sire and should be  more of the sport horse type, with the long legs.  The Judges at the keuring really liked her racial type and her conformation, but she did not move out as well as I'd liked, and she recived a third premium.  She was only one point away from second premium. In hindsight, we should have stalled her for a week or two before the keuring so she would have had more spunk.  Maddy is worked with daily, so clippers, trailer loading, and leading have all been mastered by this smart filly.  She has her hooves trimmed every six weeks and is the perfect lady for our farrier

  SOLD to John and Jill congratulation