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Antsje Fan'e Welle​


Antsje or Abby as we call her is the one that started it all. She was born in Holland and was imported to the United States as an three year old. Her sire is Thomas 327. He was a great stallion but he died in a trailering accident at young age. She is the last mare sired by him producing offspring in the US.  We bought her as an 8 year old that had been turned out to pasture for 5 years. She was halter broke but that was it. Her hair was a mess and yes it took forever to comb out her dread locks. She went to the keuring the next year and made star. She was very easy to start under saddle but she does not like to work unless there is treats. She has produced 5 foals and all were fillies. She is 19 this year and pregnant with her 6th foal. Looking at her you would never guess her age. She lives outside 24/7 and stays very black even during the summer heat. Every Friesian on the farm is her decedent.

My First Friesian Horse

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