Black Dog Farms is our small farm where we raise top friesian horses out of star mares.  We also have a small herd of nubian goats that love to keep us busy.  My love of horses has been a life long passion That started with my parents finally giving in and getting me my first horse Bree when I was 15.  I first learned of the Friesian breed while doing research for a school project.  I knew then that I must own one of these magnificent horses.  Then after 6 long years of saving I found my Friesian.  Her name is Antsje Fan'e Welle we call her Abby. She was a 3rd pre mare that had full papers and most important part she was in my price range. Abby is now a star mare and has been all I had hoped for.  She is so kind and such a great mother.  Luckly I found a great husband, Vincent, who puts up with all my horses and helps out when needed.